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Halfmooned dream


So this morning I woke up staight out of a dream. I remember it pretty perfectly and lots of you have been asking me to post them so here it goes…

Blake, Jerry, Devin, and I were in a huge old broken down ballroom. The blue and red tiles were covered in scum and had vines busting out of the floor, crawling up the walls and hanging from the ceiling. We found an old piano tucked away under some stairs, we dragged it out and started to play it, surprisingly it was perfectly in tune. We noticed broken lights and bottles everywhere, there were shoes hanging from the ceiling, it was oddly wrecked, like people had just been there. All of a sudden a school bus pulls up and opens the door, I’m not sure why but we all knew we had to get on so we did. The driver was my 5th grade bus driver! She was a black lady who always played old funk. After we were riding for a while I noticed that we were in Madeira beach which is a few miles From where I live. I started to get all excited jumping from seat to seat, sticking my head out the window, then suddenly the bus came to a stop and the driver ” this is you right?”. For some odd reason I couldn’t remember if it was but i grabbed the boys and we got off, as soon as we stepped out of the bus it became night time and all these bums began to walk up and white trash drunk people started to stumble out the bar. Then I instantly remembered that we’re about 5 miles from my house and being stuck in Madeira was not a good thing. It looked like harmless zombies were walking back in fourth, like they were on loop. We started walking along the beach thinking it might be a safer route then this middle age woman in an old pink shirt and some touristy board shorts jumped of a wood piling right in front of us, she said her name was Trish and she saw us break into the old ballroom and throw a huge party.we were all confused because we couldn’t remember how we got to the ballroom or anything she claimed we did. We started to look at our clothes and noticed they were destroyed and we were all dirty, devins shoes were missing, Jerry had cigarette butts stuck all over him and in his hair and Blake was perfectly clean in a white shirt and grey pants but he couldn’t talk, his voice completely stopped working. I started to feel sick and puked violently. It was coming thru my nose and I wasn’t throwing up food or liquid, it was something solid that kept coming pushing it’s way up my throat, it was almost to big to even fit out my mouth. i stood in the beach bathroom looking in the mirror and could see these chunks coming up my neck, I started crying and freaking out destroying the bathroom. I know this is disgusting but it’s a dream. So we decided we needed to put the pieces together and figure out what the hell happened. This part of the dream I can’t remember at all… But we soon discovered thru a series a flashbacks that we played a show and had the whole audience follow us to a broken down building which ended up being a beautiful ballroom and we all completely trashed the place. We were breaking lights, throwing things off stairs, jumping off the roof, just going nuts! And I ate a side of a cardboard box and that’s what I was puking up. THE END.


Meet Us!

2 ”Representatives” from The Official VersaEmerge fanclub will be out on the OP tour for 2 different dates! The first will be Friday, Nov.7th in Orlando, FL. We will be sporting our V.E. pledge shirts that we created for this club! Also we have gather a few “tokens” of appretiation for the band that we are sure they will love! The second Date is Friday, Nov. 13th in St. Louis, MO. For both of these dates we will be traveling from Kansas City, MO! so if you see us, dont be shy, say hi!!

Jake and Brianna 


Sierra w/ Cobra Starship in Mission, TX


Sierra on stage in mission, tx with cobra starship lending guest vocals to “good girls go bad”


Sierra on stage in mission, tx with cobra starship lending guest vocals to “good girls go bad”


So if you have been to any of the shows on the Boys Like Girls Tour you may have noticed Sierra singing “Two is Better than One” with BLG.  If you have no idea what we are talking about then watch this video update from Boys Like Girls.


From The Band:

Boys Like Girls Tour Blog Update #1


Hey everyone.

Just wanted to give you a little update while on the road.

We are 4 shows in and this tour has been great. Thank you to all who have attended this past week. We are currently in Denver, Colorado. Its starting to get a little cold. Us Florida boys and girls aren’t used to this. We have really started getting to know the other bands better and have been continuing to have great times with our good friends the Maine and Rocket. Please make sure to hit us up on Twitter and let us know when you will be coming out to a show near you. Be prepared for many more blog updates each week.

Since a lot of people have been asking our friend Spencer Peterson has been filling in on drums for us.  He is doing double duty since he is also Cobra Starship’s drum tech.  You may recognize him from his previous band Hidden in Plain View.  Say hi to him if you see him and feel free to abuse him on twitter @spncr

Love you guys,

Devin VE

Let’s Make this OFFICIAL!

 So, this is not the band, this is NOT their record label, but THIS is the fanclub to be with! We are tired of the other so called “official” fanclub letting us all down. So we have decided to take matters into our own hands! This will be the best place, besides from the band themselves, to find the latest up to date info on VersaEmerge! We are want them to become all they can, and because we are such die hard fans of this band, we are willing to start our own form of support. We will attempt to get them to recognize us, but the more fans we gather, the more they will love us!!

Sincerly, Your Administrators

Brianna and Jake